Visiting The Australian Computer Museum

The Australian Computer Museum is open to the general public for membership tours by appointment. We are open on most Saturdays and some Wednesdays to members and their guests.
You can become a member immediately by signing up and receive access benefits immediately OR consider a membership by applying for a tour by contacting us. Read about this below.

Membership Tour
A membership tour of the museum is by appointment and is $5 for Adults and $2 for under 18. Under 18’s require a guardian 18 or older. The fee equates a 1 week pass and when you become a member within 30 days, your tour fee will be discounted from your membership fee.

Why is this necessary?
As we continue to curate the exhibits for their eventual display in an appropriate location, context is lost meaning that guests need to be walked through the exhibits and workshop by a member to explain the objects and their significance, explain the context and ensure safety and security.

Up to this point, the president @DigitalRampage (Adrian Franulovich) has been committed to guesting most guests through, however this is unsustainable as it is taking him away from building the organisation and expanding it and curating and building the displays and workshops.

So please, if you wish to come along and simply look at the museum, gauge interest to become a member drop a note below, send a DM or get in touch and we will link you with a member to provide a guided tour.

$52 for the first year and $36 subsequent years as at 1/6/2024 and a number of benefits are part of this. The membership is self assessable as tax deductible if it assists in your generation of income.

Members are free to come to all events and workshops which run most Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You can also see our historic artefacts on gazetted open days and events.

Volunteering (Free)
Individuals who wish to volunteer their time and experience in assisting the ACMS can come along to workshops and join in, you will still need to link up with an existing member to guide you through the process. Volunteering can be from simple cleaning to full blown large restorations, so get involved and feel good! We are happy to provide certificates to volunteers who provide more than 10 hours of support to the organisation.

Open Days & Events
Saturday 22nd of June 2024 - CROYDON NSW - The 40th Anniversary of the Amstrad CPC-464 Tickets here.

Saturday 29th of June 2024 - CANBERRA ACT - The Canberra Vintage Computer Enthusiasts exhibition 10.00am to 3.00pm at Radford College. Entry is free but you can support this event with a tax deductible donation here.

The next general open day and Show and Tell will be on Saturday the 13th of July 2024.


@Andrew I hope this helps. We will be open a few Saturdays during January.

Tomorrow, 29th is off?

Sorry I missed this in the NY Christmas rush.
We are open this weekend (Saturday) if it helps