Testing the Machine that developed “Lorraine” and nicknamed Agony

Have you picked what this is yet?

It’s a MC68000@ 8 MHz machine

  • Introduced in November 1982
  • Price: $3,600USD

It had multitasking with six serial ports in real time with 1 MByte of RAM in 1983.

Included OS was UCSD p-system and could use other OS including CP/M, Idris, PDOS, HyperFORTH Plus, BOS, TRIPOS, Mirage, and MOSYS.

Programming languages available included Pascal, Modula-2, C, FORTRAN77, BASIC, 68000 macro assembler, APL, LISP and Forth.

Any guesses?

I will put some documents scans on archive.org next week describing the machine.

I’ll post links once I have done this


Does this help ?

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