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I have created this forum post to share some photos and stories of my Australian IT business over the past 18 years, and to thank and share some of those great stories, friends and clients I have made over the last 18 years.

18 Years of MacMedic

It’s unbelievable to think that 18 Years ago I was sitting in a lounge room, turned Apple service business 18 years ago today. It was a fresh start after working for 5 years in the AppleCentre chain, at Neutral Bay, Clarence Street (Sydney CBD) and Broadway stores. For the first two weeks, I was alone.

Within months, business was starting to pick up, and the lounge room of my former business partner was no longer able to handle our requirements. We found our new home at 50 Spit Road in Mosman, where we have been ever since.

From those humble beginnings, we employed our first staff member in 2005. We soon outgrew our little store at 50 Spit Road, and as luck had it, another store 3 times the size was available in the same building. We moved in early 2006. We employed another 1 then 2 people to help.

On the 3rd of January 2008, we celebrated servicing 10,000 devices.

During 2007-2009 a significant number of our repairs were iPods. We at one stage were one of the largest iPod repairers in Australia, receiving anywhere up to 10 iPods a day via post from across Australia.

In 2010, we opened our second store in Ingleburn, NSW. A homage to my childhood home town, where we stayed for 3 years and offered services to the people of South Western Sydney.

By the end of 2014, we were pushed to make some changes to our store. We expanded forward into the old Thai restaurant and had a major new fit out during the following year.

At our peak, we had 15 staff across the two stores, servicing over 10,000 clients a year during covid.

We now are on the cusp of servicing over 100,000 devices for over 40,000 clients.

A lot has changed over that time. We have seen most of our competitors close down. Something I once thought was positive, has proved itself to be bad for the consumer and for the overall market. The little guy struggles to compete with massive competitors with the buying power and loss leading sales that erode the industry.

We focus on providing quality services and advice because it is what we are known for.

Subscription services now rule supreme. The iPod no longer exists. The iPad and iPhone were just but a glimmer in Steve Jobs eye in 2005.

I can’t say I have enjoyed every minute of it, because simply, at times running a small business is hard. However, the friendships and connections made, the great times and experiences I have enjoyed, the flexibility and that have endured ensure I say I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So to all the Peter’s, Kerry’s, Phillip’s, Seph’s, Adrianne’s, Jennie’s, Alistair’s, Michelle’s, Gary’s, Greg’s Kayt’s, Chris’, Nathan’s, Jodie’s, Newton’s, Shane’s, Tim’s, Sean’s, Margot’s, Jeremy’s, Murray’s, John’s, David’s, Sibella’s, Clint’s, Nick’s, Craig’s, Adrian’s, Leo’s, George’s, Piroozi’s, Sybelle’s, Simon’s, Alison’s, Meini’s, Umeda’s, Mieko’s, Gevin’s, Lisa’s, Ben’s, Emma’s, Riley’s, Lilly’s, Drew’s, Richard’s, Andrew’s, Jessie’s, Claire’s, Alain’s, Millie’s, Laurelle’s, Marcus’, Judy’s, Lesley’s, Kerrie’s, Teya’s, Bruce’s, Alexandra’s, Mark’s and Margaret’s and everyone in between who have supported MacMedic over the last 18 years, Thank you.

Adrian and the MacMedic Team.


2005 - 2006

I originally met Kayt in early 2001 having sold her a Snow White Apple iMac when I worked at AppleCentre Neutral Bay.

We quickly became friends when she asked me help her out. Over the following years, I would end up working with Kayt on several projects in her consulting life, including when I was subcontracted to fly out to a Nickel mine in Perth in 2005 and 2006. We would work on for many years and discuss business and life. We often can be found now a days having a annual meal at our favourite Indian restaurant in Crows Nest.

Kayt has been an enduring customer and friend to MacMedic over the years, and thats why I wanted to share this story.

Thank you Kayt.



A friend I met through the Mosman store that previously worked at Qantas was able to get me, a number of our staff and a friend turned client into the Qantas Hangar 96 for a special tour of an A380 undergoing maintenance.

Later, his Sister Caroline would work for us during covid when her Qantas job was shuttered due to the Pandemic.

Thank you
Cameron, James, Peter, Caroline and Qantas for this special day out.

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Here is our Mosman store as it was in December 2013. One of the many, many iterations of our Mosman store over the past near 2 decades.

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Myself and two of the new covid team, @Jon and @Pendleton115 started working on a side project called Juicy Crumb. Juicy Crumb was created to allow two passionate individuals to start and control their own destiny whilst reducing ewaste, something MacMedic has always been passionate about.

As early as 2009 we started to change to LED lights in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

The team were great to pickup during the covid struggles at other organisations, and I enjoy their technical prowess and their joy and interest in IT.

The boys have been helpful in the ACMS and I look forward to their next chapter splitting away with a great new Australian IT development, JC.

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Great Story Mate, I bet there are many more over the years. :sunglasses:

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In 2008 I was one of the first people into the first Apple Store in Sydney.

As a trend setter I took my original Macintosh into the Genius Bar to “Surprise and delight” but in-fact “Confuse and Bemuse” was probably more apt.

Several other people since that time have done the same thing, but I would like to think I was the first…

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2009 - Debbie & Mick Fleetwood.

Back in 2000 when I started my Apple journey at AppleCentre Neutral Bay, I met and became friends with Debbie. Originally supporting her with her Strawberry iMac (now in the Museum collection) and her newer machines over the years we have maintained a connection between cities and countries.

Debbie was one of our foundational clients of MacMedic - even having visited us in our first little home office in Neutral Bay in the very early days.

In 2009 I got a call from Debbie asking if I would be interested in joining her as a guest of Mick Fleetwood in Brisbane at the Fleetwood Mac concert. She had been working on some unrelated Music PR (which is her speciality) and was offered the tickets by Mic - knowing how big a Fleetwood Mac fan I was, she kindly asked if I would join her.

I think the smile on my face says it all - I love Mac’s of all types, Fleetwood and otherwise.