Server geeks! Digital Alpha DS25 seeks kind owner

Our work is doing a cleanout of old equipment

Among them is a Digital Alpha DS25 server. This was among the last of the high-performance AXP’s released by Digital. It is capable of installing Compaq’s proprietary HP-UX, OpenVMS AXP (currently installed), or Windows NT 4. If set up carefully, it can house and selectively boot all three. Boots quick, runs fast, shifts heavy IO, and even now can outperform many of today’s “high end” server models. Be aware this is a big, heavy (loud) unit, and needs at least 3 x 10A power inputs. So not for the faint of heart. :slight_smile:

If you are interested this, please contact me at davidnhawley@gmail,com. First come, first served. No support, delivery or returns provided. Pickup is Westmead, western Sydney.

More offers to come soon!

@Murray you might want to speak to Dave about this…