RetroChallenge 2022/10 Team ACMS Questions

RetroChallenge 2022 October is about to go live.

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What is the protocol for providing updates to our retrochallenge projects? Do we post updates here or does want us posting there. What about our own blogs etc?

Retrochallenge uses your blog location (here at the forum) to follow updates. There is only a need to blog and provide updates here =)

How do I do this so that it connects to retrochallenge? Do I reply to my original post, do I do a new post with the same title or similar title?

Your original post is your continual documentation area where both you and others can interact during the process. You can look back at posts like the winning Geocities post to see a great example of documentation of the process. GeoCities Rebuild for Older Browsers - #36 by DigitalRampage