Retrochallenge 2022/10 - MultiGenerational Networking

My challenge is to create a user friendly network that I can access with any old Macintosh (Ethernet or serial) in order to offload/load files from legacy machines. The network will also be accessible from my modern iMac running the latest Mac OS (13.6 currently). The earliest Mac OS I intend to support is 6.0.8. The intention is for everything to “just work”. I’m no networking engineer, I just want an easy way to move files on and off these old machines I have. Speed doesn’t really matter, the files are small, but convenience does matter!

In theory (from my research) this is all doable with built in apple networking and various apple utilities.

Results will be shown via YouTube video when completed.


Sounds great!

Good luck mate!

@Johann - Thank you for entering the Retro challenge October 2022!

Thanks for your entry, unfortunately you didn’t meet the criteria of sharing your work on the forum, and hopefully we will see more from you in the future! Best of luck for our next challenge which is forthcoming. Thanks for your work!

Adrian and the ACMS team!