Playstation 1 - Any Collectors Out There?

I’ve had a pair of Playstation 1 consoles sitting around my home for many years now, and I thought it would be nice to donate them to the ACMS as they are now getting to an age where people appreciate their chunky design and chunky graphics.

One of them is the first-edition model with built-in A/V plugs, and as I don’t have a multiport cable any more I thought I’d try that one first:

I hooked it up to the TV and switched it on. I couldn’t find an original controller but the PS2 ones are compatible so I used one of those:

It booted up just fine, but I don’t have any PS1 games so I tried an audio CD. It read the track listing but wouldn’t play, so I opened up the console and turned the gears on the read head mechanism back and forth with my finger until it moved freely. I plugged the console back in and it is now playing CDs!

Does anyone have any PS1 games they’d be willing to donate or loan to the museum to make this console usable? There are a lot for sale online but I’d rather test it out before buying more discs for this system.

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We may already have some in the collection. @Murray @SebastianB - were any PS1 titles found during the software cataloguing?

Also, I have never seen a PS1 with AV Jacks straight on the back. Cool!

The Playstation is now at the ACMS, on the same TV as the Megadrive:

The TV has two sets of AV ports, but they both go to the same input. Until I find a video switcher, you need to plug the PS1 into the front ports on the TV to use it, and unplug it to get the Sega to show up.

There are still no games, so you’ll need to BYO until we get some!

We have an AV switch box under the Power distro you can use @amagni

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Nice to see the V1 of the PS1 with the direct RCA outs. Some claim it to be “audiophile” grade, but I’m betting my old ears couldn’t hear a difference.