Phosphor - The glow of the CRT

I was asked why manufacturers used Amber and Green in their screens.

The following may help.

The breakdown was
*1 - The colour sensitivity has already been discussed.

*2 - I guess that’s a result of us having evolved in a green coloured environment … well, at least back when we still climbed trees :slight_smile:

*3 - The majority of information our eyes deliver aren’t about colour, but black & white.

*4 - Decay time is the time a once initiated spot needs to go from 100% of its (specific) brightness down to 0.1% which is considered off. It is usually in reverse relation to absolute brightness - as the brighter a given coating is when ignited (at a given energy, like 10kV), the faster it decays - as a rough guideline.

*5 - Having said that, P1 has been used for some screens until the mid 1970s. Some may remember screens (mostly vector in addition) that had an incredible blur when scrolling. It felt like an age until the old picture vanished under the new.

*6 - Less energy for a given/intended brightness also means less radiation (X-Rays) toward the user.

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