Osborne 1 - Restoration

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Cap Lists

ASTEC Power Supply

C1 0.01uF 250v X Safety Cap
C2 0.1uF 250v X Safety Cap
C6 100uF 250v
C7 100uF 250v
C8 220uF 10v
C11 0.01uF 250v X Safety Cap
C15 1000uF 25v
C16 1000uF 25v
C17 1000uF 25v
C18 330uF 16v
C19 330uF 16v
C20 470uF 25v
C21 2200uF 16v

To note : The Osbourne (Not labelled as 1) carries the same PSU from my secondary re-build on the 27/7/2022 at the ACMS WorkShop.