Old software researching question

Hello everyone.

On the recommendation of Adrian, I decided to turn to this forum.

I learning the history and release history of some software titles.
Information about earlier versions is very difficult to find, especially for localized versions and OEM releases.
Sometimes in the expositions of museums, by a lucky chance, some very rare version comes across.
It can be either a program preinstalled on some old computer or the original distribution.

I search for literally everything related to my search list:

– Photos of discs/boxes.
– Scans.
– Screenshots.
– Technical details.

Please let me know if you have any of the above.
There are a lot of gaps in my personal database, any detail can give valuable information!

My search list:
– IBM OS/2 1.x
– MS OS/2 1.x
– MS Windows 1.x/2.x
– MS Word for OS/2
– MS Excel for OS/2
– MS Word for Windows 1.x
– MS Excel for Windows 2.x/3.0
– MS PowerPoint 2.0 for Windows
– MS Chart for DOS
– MS Word for DOS
– MS Multiplan for DOS
– MS Project for DOS
– MS Project 1.0 for Windows.
– Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS.
– Lotus 1-2-3/G 1.x for OS/2
– CorelDRAW for OS/2
– PageMaker 1.x for Windows
– PageMaker for OS/2

Best regards,

P.S. I’m aware of open sources like archive.org, winworldpc.com, etc., however, there is very little information in these sources.
In some cases it is very contradictory.
Sometimes, according to my research and findings, the information in open sources is completely wrong.
Therefore, a third-party source is required to confirm some of the assumptions.
Also, most resources do not pay attention to non-US software.
Therefore, I need your help.