New forum theme

Hi Everyone,

To try and make the forum a little less generic, and a little more ACM, I have updated the theme. I hope you like the softer look.

Looks good! How much control do we have? Can we just changes the background for example?

Any effort is welcome so thank you. Unfortunately the forum post content font is light gray on white for me on iPhone Safari (desktop mode). I had to select your body text to read it. Thanks

Noted that its not perfect Jeremy. I will ask @Riley to spend some time modifying the theme in the back end to resolve this.

Weird however Im seeing all black text. You might want to check you haven’t override your theme from Mint in your settings.

@jeremybh1 - Its seems if you are selected to any theme but “mint” at the moment the test is a problem. Its available in your user preferences. I will try and get @Riley to help me install the Dark mint theme as the alternate

Sure - available Sat or Sun evening to help

Looking good now on true desktop Safari - thanks for any tweaks. Tested mobile via Develop → User Agent and text is black also.