Missing GMH Adelaide- historical vehicle build data

Hello Everyone!

I have joined this forum to ask for some assistance in possibly being able to locate any of the General Motors Holdens, IBM mainframe, which was apparently thrown into the trash when the Adelaide plant closed up its doors.

Much like myself there are 100s of people that own old Holden vehicles which were built at the Adelaide plant with no possible history records to be found from the period - May 1974 to somewhere in 1975.

I have been searching for any possible information on this period for a long time and would like to ask you if you may know anything about what happened to the system or if there is anyone that may also be able to assist in locating the missing data?

From my understanding a lot of the current historical information from GMH Aust is in the micro fisc form with the records only available for a specific time period which was acquired from the Fisherman’s Bend location in Melbourne. This surviving information has enabled a lot of Holden vehicle owners with obtaining a correct history on the cars they have sitting in their driveways.

It’s a shame that the information was treated with such disregard by GM America upon the closing of the Adelaide plant but with there being many disgruntled employees ect it’s probably no surprise.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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