IBM PS1 system restoration project

I’ve registered this project for the retro challenge. Has a few issues with crt display, and error codes on boot up, yet to touch this project.


Good luck! Check in to one or both of my WOzFests to share details if you can!


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Will do! Keen to have some advice on the crt in particular :slight_smile:

Jordan is your man for that! I will get him on here.

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Oh yeah, I know Jordan, he’s been holding onto an industrial ibm for a while now, now it looks like we can travel soon I’ll have to work out pick up :slight_smile:


Here’s the details of the WOzFests I’m holding - feel free to join via Google Meet.

And I might even be able to have 10 attendees at WOzFest 22!

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hi Pirwan,

is that a monochrome monitor.
If it is I’ve always wanted one of those.

Mark C.

Hey, no these are colour, I do have a couple of older monochrome ones but that’s another story :slight_smile:

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How’s you challenge going Peter?