I need to Borrow, rent or buy an ALPHA Workstation with Open VMS and VAX Basic

Hi folks, I used to develop specialised interfacing software on Open VMS until about 2005, and eventually donated by Alpha Servers and work station to the society. John Geremin worked with me also for some time. My company name at the time was CLINICOM Pty Ltd.
I have been approached to convert some data files to enable them to be extracted and loaded into a windows platform. If I could get hold of a working Alpha Workstation with open VMS and VAX Basic installed I would be able to do the job. I have all my original DEC Licenses for VMS, clustering and Basic. plus others. I would like some feedback if anyone can help me?
My email is removed for safety

Hi Robert, Welcome to the ACMS forum.
Your email was removed for your safety, but people can still message you directly.
We do have alpha servers at the ACMS, @cavok @Greg might be able to help located and work with you with an Alpha Server at the ACMS

This looks interesting, SimH OpenVMS VAX Part 3, DECWindows & BASIC - YouTube a SIMH implementation, assuming you don’t need peripherals…

Would something like this suffice?

Hi thanks, for this info, looks like there are a few VMS emulators that I could be using. This will save me a lot of headache.

Hi Adrian, I was not aware there is emulation software available. I think this will be the better option as I will be able to put the simulator on a laptop and go to the client site.
Thanks for your time looking for this hardware.

Hi again, thanks for your time looking into this, but looks like an emulation environment will be my better option which I was not aware existed previously.

@cyn0matic may be able to advise on emulations

@cyn0matic I have been recommended Stromasys as it is a free tool and can be run on Windows. I just need an environment where I can write VAX BASIC programs and compile them to run on another VMS platform. What do you think?