History - Discussions with Bob Moran

One thing that has been great on my ACMS journey is meeting some very interesting people along the way, and how many are becoming great friends and colleagues.

One such person is Bob Moran from the Discovery Shed in Mona Vale.

Bob has become a great supporter of the new direction of the ACMS and I spoke with him again this morning, on top of some great donations of components and documents he has provided us with thus far, including a 40 column card sorter and Univac 1700 series punch card desk, Bob was telling me of the history of Bob Supnik of DEC - The VP of Engineerings and the SIMH projects

He also has an ALPHA Chip from Max Burnett from circa 2000 which at the time had 9.3Million transistors and could carry out a billion instructions a second.

He also spoke of Bob Pelemel who gave him a Chip from a PDP-11.

I intend on reading more about Bob Supnik and the Computer History Museum has done a long oral history with him, here.

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