Help me identify this teletypewriter

Hello, I’m trying to find some information on some teletypewriters I’ve come into possession of. They are Dataproducts New England branded and the internals ICs are dated from the late 70s to the mid 80s. Google has failed me in trying to get any info on these. They are powered by an old amd8086 processor and are 110VAC input. I got two of these in Perth at auction incase the location is a clue.
Any info would be great. First time the internet has failed me to work out what something is.


Bit of an update
Well I went down a rabbit hole here, I found a stock sticker I thought was placed by the auction house but it was not. There was a nsn number. NATO stock number 5915-66-127-4987 which going through a nsn search shows it’s a MXT-1200A KSR from the Australian navy. Only thing I can find from the model number on a google is a catalogue from Dataproducts saying it’s a tempest terminal with no pics under gov and military section. No manual and I doubt there is one without knowing someone in the navy. Well at least I know something about it’s history… would the EPROMs contain anything interesting?


@JoRoWeb - John, would you have any info?

Found it, well probably the previous generation of mine as there is a slight difference in the keyboard and according to the nsn search mine is the 1200A not the 1200. Found in some 1979 military communications magazine advertisement scanned into google books.

So there you have it some relic of the Cold War era defense communications.


Nice find. I wonder if anyone has had one of those terminals connected to Linux. Is there any chance you could please post photos of the data ports?


The circular one is ac input there’s only three wires coming into the unit, the other is the only other expansion port which looks like it would have connected to that hard drive shown in the advertisement. That’s the only port I can see externally.


Interestingly enough - another two of these recently witness on a Submarine by one of our guests at the ACMS!

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Good lord, we really do need these new nuclear subs if our current subs still have these onboard. All jokes aside that’s awesome to have them spotted in their natural habitat, I’d like to see a picture of that.

Funnily enough I recently spied 2 of these while touring the decommissioned submarine at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney.
Here’s a bit of info about the sub.

The teletype machines and terminal were in the radio room.


That’s wicked to see one of these out in the wild. Wonder if they would have the manual for it too?