Faulty S3 Virge/DX add-on card

Need assistance with an S3375 Virge/DX PCI Graphics card that has vertical lines in 640 and higher resolutions. I asked Adrian if there is anything he’d know about this and I was told it would have been the VRAM.

It recently had a 14mhz Crystal oscillator replaced since I was also previously advised by Adrian that it may have corroded however it may have not been the answer to the issue in question.

On extended observations, I have seen some glitching while CPU processing changes in the display. I’m leaving a pic of the card in the thread but the screenshot and video of common description can be shown to anyone who might know more if you leave me a message.

So I’m thinking after a chat with Mike, who was in the workshop today i was told that an oscilloscope may need to play a part on finding out if any or supposedly another of the 8 VRAMS may have the defect being discussed.

Id be interested to see a good clarity scan of the rear of this card.

I should have that result by Saturday evening, likely. the hardware is currently at the workshop.