EPROM Chips, Some Rusted, Most Interleaved

Ohhh wow. There’s a lot of chips in this post, 30 total. These were loaned to me by @DigitalRampage to see if anything could be read off them. Apparently they had been in a rusting box. I went through and had a look if there was anything I could dump, some of the legs had physically rusted through and had become NC (No connection).

If anyone recognises anything, please do put a post in. I’ve had a look through with Hex Fiend on Mac but a lot looked to be interleaved - well at least I think that’s the right term anyway.

It means that some will be able to be spliced together but those with missing pairs cannot and will not be able to splice together. Previously I have used ROMWak 0.3 and “SwapEndian.exe” for byte-swapping. Not necessarily for what is involved here but worth mentioning.

I’ve uploaded all the photos I have and the ROMs themselves to Index of /acms feel free to have a browse. There’s about 100MB of files there thanks to the photos. The chips were dumped multiple times after readjusting them in the chip reader (GQ-4X or MiniPro TL866).

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