Donation Offer via webform?


I made an inquiry about a bit of hardware I have via the webform - Given it’s condition and relative completeness, I figured it might be something of interest to the ACMS.

I never got a reply, so I’m not entirely sure if it was never recieved, or there’s no any interest from ACMS.

Not offended if it’s the latter - I don’t trust webforms and their propensity to get hosed by mail filters :slight_smile:

The web form does seem to be malfunctioning- please DM me or email us directly

Hi @tessier - Im still investigating if the form is down or the volunteer handling that inbox has an issue. Please do drop me a line. I believe you should have got an auto-respond from my president email, so if there was no auto-respond, then likely its dead!


Hey Adrian - apologies - I emailed you, and got a reply :slight_smile:

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