DECimage Application Services V3.0 + OpenDX

We are struggling to open IMG files located on old tapes, and DX Files

IMG - The headers state they are DECImage Application Services - this seems to be a binary in IMG031 folder on a binaries CD of a VMS release.

@m_thompson - any ideas?

The DX Files are apparently OpenDX but I’m struggling with this as well- asking about this too

I found this Compaq software description for DECimage editor that ran under DOS or Windows. That program will save DECimage files as TIFF or JPEG. I have not found a copy of this program though.

I found special DEC terminals to display DECimage files, and VMS and Ultrix software to work with DECimage files.

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Al Kossow from the Computer History Museum said that there is DECimage software on the dec 1993 consolidated VMS distribution cd. Google found this description of the CD:

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AL Kossow put the complete CD set that contains the DECimage software on bitsavers.


Will work on this on the weekend, I am trying to get an emulator going on my Mac so I can try some of this stuff outside of the ACMS. Thanks to @coolcoder613 this may become a reality sooner rather than later I can hope!!

Another page I may end up using is this for DDIF Files