Custom C64 cases in SA? Wedges for breadbins?

Anyone have suitable local knowledge about this, which has the appearance of a third-party wedge-style case for the C64, proudly stickered with a South Australia list of credits:

  • Micro Accessories of SA
  • Adelaide Injection Moulders
  • Peter Barker Tooling

I see speculation that a computers-in-education contract would have provided the volume and the funding to make injection moulding worthwhile.

Original thread by Declan on Mastodon has a couple of photos:

via a thread at

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It’s quite likely that this was a way to make the school contract % requirements to try and sell the units into State schools.

Microbee was manufactured and designed in Australia which gave it a leg up.

Apple developed the RAM expansion and PAL card and manufactured in Wangaratta

Maybe this was commodores way to do the same


I have one (And I’m in NZ)

AU didn’t get the C64c a while after it was released in other parts so a company came along and created the case to sell for people to transplant their breadbins motherboards into.

I’ve included an image comparing to a c64c Case.


Thanks for the additional information!