Celebrating 40 Years of the Apple Lisa at the ACMS

In 2023 the Apple Lisa turns 40!

The ACMS along with Adrian Franulovich, Madeleine McAndrews and others who sold, supported and used the Lisa will run an event to discuss this marvel that heralded the GUI to the world at an affordable price, bringing with it an explosion of computers that changed the world.

If you were involved in sales, service, using or supporting the Apple Lisa, or are an enthusiast that wished to join in presenting on the day, please drop me a line!

The entire series of Lisa computers will be on display, including the Apple Lisa, Lisa 2/5 and Lisa 2/10 (Macintosh XL)

You will be blown away how these units in the contrast of their predecessors of the time, including the IBM XT and Apple II/III and myriad of other computers like the Osbourne paled in comparison in both form and function.

It’s an event not to be missed, Tickets on sale shortly for $25AUD in house, $DONATION-AUD remote and FREE for current members. It is sure to sell out so keep an eye on this forum post and sign up for our email list at acms.org.au


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Tickets are now on sale! (including free tickets for members, and donation only video links)

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We are expecting over 40 people on Saturday so if you haven’t got your ticket yet, hop to it! We may have to close sales soon for capacity reasons.

The LISA Turned 40!

The Apple LISA computer was one of the most important technological introductions in modern computing, heralding a wider availability and understanding of many modern technologoies we could not live without today.

We would like to thank all of our members who attended and apologise again for the few technical (and other) minor glitches early in the morning! We have now proved that the technology works, and can work well. We certainly need work to on our audio and longer cabling to make things flow more easily and not be tripping over each other. If you can donate or support us in this venture, please assist! Once again - thank you to Exetel for supporting us with our internet free of charge.

We had a great talk from Madeline McAndrews on the GUI and Xero PARC, and a little on the background of the success/failure of the LISA and her own experiences with the LISA.

We had Adrian Franulovich run us through the technology of the LISA and the advance features such as the Screen Saver, Backup, File Splitting, Protected Memory and document “stacks” we tore a document off to start a new file!

We had the Founder and former MD of Apple Australia, David Strong join us to regale us with his time at Apple and the formation of Apple and his experiences with Steve Jobs and John Sculley - PLUS Adrian was able to surprise and delight David when he pulled apart his own Macintosh XL to show it was the unit once used by David at Apple still emblazoned with his initials in his handwriting! (How cool is that)

Sean McNamara took us through the revolution of Desktop Publishing and WYSIWYG in a highly detailed journey through his past intwined with technology. He even had a pile of original documents he had collected and kept over the years of his personal journey with publishing including a school newsletter he revolutionised from Typewritten to TypeSet!!

Although the session went long, many people stayed to the very end. One piece of feedback we received from a member was that he broke away to come for an hour after lunch only to be so entranced by the history of Lisa and David Strong, he lost track of time and stayed all afternoon. =)

We saw;

The LISA promo on the big screen, saw and heard the wonderful technological enhancements of the LISA.

An Apple LISA 1, Lisa 2/5, Macintosh XL all in the flesh - running!!

The computers of the years before the LISA including Apple ///, Obsourne 1 and IBM 5150

Prototype Apple LISA Parts, Manufacturing boards and unicorn rare Apple UNIFILE/eBOX, prototype boards and TWIGGY Drives.

The original LISA mouse, advertising and posters.

Samples and memorabilia from his time in the publishing industry (and before!) available for viewing care of Sean McNamara.

Did you attend?

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