CatChat: Digital PDP-11/40

CatChat: Digital PDP-11/40

CatChat: Digital PDP-11/40
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Digital PDP-11/40 Minicomputer
System Serial seems to be # 5076 (TBC)
If so, this is one of the original models (serial #'s below 6000)
Unit is incomplete as it is missing disk or tape units

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The 11/35 & 11/40 use the same CPU board set, memory, and I/O boards. The front panel on the 35 & 40 is the same except for the silk screening. All of the 35 & 40 documentation is on Bitsavers: Index of /pdf/dec/pdp11/1140. It uses Unibus for the I/O bus, so you can borrow controller boards from any Unibus machine.

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