CatChat: Datacraft 5096

CatChat: Datacraft 5096

CatChat: Datacraft 5096
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Telecom Australia branded Datacraft 5096 9.6k voice band data modem
RS-232 25 Pin serial interface

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One for the modem thread perhaps:
List of Australian Modem Manufacturers

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Understood - no criticism intended - just thought it might be useful to link to a related thread.

We had one of those I think in the office at Wonthaggi via what we called a dedicated tie-line to head office in Clayton, Vic. It allowed us to connect to the IBM System 30 or to use as a phone line, dial 0 to get Clayton, another 0 to get out to Melbourne, then Melb number as that saved the high STD rates at the time (80-90’s).


The things we did to save money on communications. However it was the huge amount of money put into phone calls and data lines back then that funded places like Bell Labs to create the most important building blocks for technology today and the ideas and processes still used now!

Thanks for sharing the story!