CARRY-I Lan Station 6200 80286 Restoration

Years ago when I left high school, the deputy principal gave me this old little Lan Station which has a Flytech Carry-1 or Carry-I 6200 motherboard.

Originally it was a LAN boot unit that connected to the schools OASIS Novell server, but it was retired for a newer computer - this was circa 2000.

The unit was working (or so I seem to recall) however now it beeps 3 times.

With so little info about these obscure units out on the Internet, I have referred to the AMIBIOS in the hope of finding out what 3 beeps means- apparently it’s a RAM failure in the first 64kb… ugh…

So now I will need to locate some of the RAM to restore its 512 or possibly 1024kb of memory and try again.

I’m thinking to put a XT IDE CF boot in it to turn it into a little standalone games PC with its matching keyboard and 9” white MDA/CGA monitor (think it’s MDA because it does show video on the graphics board of my IBM 5155)

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I’d be double-checking those tracks down near the speaker, where the backup battery was. They look a bit scratched up.

The tracks seem to go to the 74LS125(?) and 2x 74F245’s(?) (the pic is a bit blurry) near the RAM chips, so I’m assuming they’re hooked to the addressing logic for which bank of RAM to talk to. If they’re not doing the right thing, you’re definitely going to get RAM warnings.

Good luck!


The scratching up is where I was dusting it away to see if the battery had caused any damage. It hadn’t. But I will put it under the microscope to check again and also I need to remove the speaker to check it properly.