Calling all 6502 Users / Enthusiasts

Hi all,

I’m looking for 6502 (or Z80 / 8085 / 6800 etc.) enthusiasts. People who are actively working on their own hardware / software designs based around these parts. I grew up with the Apple 2 Plus, but unfortunately gave them all away many years ago. I’ve thought about buying one, but I suspect obtaining parts and software (floppy disks) is going to be hard and expensive. So I built my own hardware instead.

If there are people interested in sharing ideas, parts, software etc. please let me know.


This is my hardware so far. Supports 256x240 B&W VGA, a PS2 keyboard and 2xAY-3-8910 sound chips.


Nice little clone mate! You should contact @maceffects - he might have the same idea I have

Wow excellent stuff. I am not an expert by any means but would love to hear more


It’s not actually a clone, but does resemble the machines of the late 70’s and early 80’s with some improvements, most notably more memory, but without a color display. B&W will have to do.
I’m using a WDC 65C02.
The 2 CPLD’s are MAX7000 series. They are obsolete, but you can still buy them.
Microchip/Atmel make the ATF1508 which is the same and still available.
The 2 x AY-3-8910 sound chips are obsolete but you can still find them.
Memory is 0-40K SRAM, 40K to 48K = banked SRAM to 512K and then 512K FLASH
Video memory 7680 + 512 bytes of I/O
lastly boot FLASH 8K also banked to 512K
Video runs at 10MHz, CPU at 4 and a bit MHz as cycles are lost for video RAM access.
a tiny AVR 14 pin does PS2 keyboard and is memory mapped to bus
Video is 256 x 240 memory mapped, black and white.
there is also a single video page that overlays the memory mapped area but has to be updated as a page in other words the entire screen must be written in one pass
I’m programing it in C and assembler (CC65 / CA65)