Scanning and Uploading

For the RetroChallenge 2021 I am planning to scan and upload documents to and then create a collections for all scanned documents that the ACMS has (and there are plenty) that are not currently on

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

As i start to learn i will post here updates.

many thanks


Any contributions are worthwhile as is your learning process in generating a PDF ready to share with the world. Be mindful that in 2 years time (however long) you might look back and think “gee I really compressed that image too much” etc. The lesson there is balance your quality - 600dpi TIFF is irrelevant if you have a cheap scanner, and 60kb JPEGs of a magazine are also irrelvant as the text will be fuzzy.

Play around with your scanner settings and if you are unsure, keep the ‘as close to the original’ files and your end-game processed files. When you say you need help what with please.


i have started to “test” the water so to speak. I started with some low quality SIG newsletters.

I have uploaded with the user called " ACMS (Australian Computer Museum Society)"

If anyone has a recommendation for an A3 scanner and software pls let me know

Also if you can check the tags i used for the documents pls let me know if i can improve

Once i have uploaded and confirmed it is ok i have asked to create the collection for ACMS

If you wish to have your scans moved to this collection pls let me know