Any App Programmers Looking for Work?

HI all, when I’m not at the museum I work for a company called Honey Badger (funny name but a good place to work!) doing UI design and development.

I’ve been put on what I consider my dream project, which is designing a new TV app completely from scratch. It’s intended to be a home screen for the guest TV, giving easy access to hotel information, messages from reception, Chromecast functions as well as regular TV channels.

I’ve written a decent CMS-type thing in Javascript that takes in an XML file and renders all the content for each page as you navigate with the TV remote, and it’s working on a few different brands of TV, but I’m hitting my limits when I need to access the lower-level TV functions like switching inputs or ensuring the TV starts up on this app instead of having to launch it manually.

Are there any app programmers here who’d be interested in some contract work on the back-end for this system? If you know about mobile app development I think this wouldn’t be too hard a transition.
For example, LG uses an IDE that looks a lot like Eclipse and Philips are actually using Android in their smart TVs.

I can say from my own experience that the management here are willing to pay for the right people and they’re always ready to take on suggestions from the dev team about how the product should work. I really believe in this project as I’ve worked on similar systems for years and there is so much room for improvement on the incumbent products out there.

If you are at all interested, or you know someone who’d be interested, please get in touch either here or via email:


@georgem ? Is this something in your wheelhouse?

Sounds like an Android/java developer might be best suited which isn’t quite in my wheelhouse, but happy to have a chat!