ACMS - Show and Tell

The ACMS is pleased to start a new tradition an interactive recurring event - Show and Tell.

Members and guests are welcomed to come down, visit the museum, bring along their most prized possession and present a 5 to 10 minute talk on what it is, the technology, manufacturer history, and why it means so much to you. You may even just want the spotlight to talk about your history or achievements in The Australian IT landscape.

You can be as formal or informal as you please, detailed, superficial or just tell your story. We have a VGA projector ready in the theatrette, lectern, loud speaker and desks for setup.

Don’t be shy - give everyone here an educative experience through your knowledge of your most favoured, treasured possessions. Afterward, everyone can have a chat and interact with your item if you choose to allow it.

If you wish to be involved and give your own micro ted talk experience, pop in some details below and get people excited in your own slice of tech heaven.

FIRST Event - Saturday the 26th of August 2023 From 11am

SECOND Event - Saturday the 18th of November 2023 From 11am


Great idea. I’d luv to do something like that once I get this hardware donation done. :grin:

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Im also up for this, got plenty of video game stuff I can show and tell and let people play with.

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I’ll definitely be there!

I’d also like to record everyone’s presentations for YouTube, just let me know beforehand if you don’t want to be recorded.

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I’ll be there tomorrow with something interesting. @paran01d Adrian tells me you have an EPROM programmer for 2764 or 2732 EPROMs? I have a friend who will come to Croydon tomorrow if we can source one for him to dump some BIOS with. If you are coming in, would it be possible to use it? :slight_smile:

I will be in and ill make sure to bring it and of course your welcome to use it. Sadly I can only stay for a few hours, but ill leave it and my show and tell around for the week for others to play with.

Cheers Mike. Madeleine just said she was bringing one also, but it’d be good to have a backup. I’ll leave my show and tell there for a week or so too, I think. Good idea!

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Thanks to everyone who joined in!

We had the following
Mark Jelic - Tec-1

Mike Bisset @paran01d - Show off his crazy cool Sharp x68000

Adrian Magni @amagni - His MightySynth 2.0

Riley Perry @Riley - Pong '74 Arcade Machine and Vintage digital watch

Malcolm Wade - ZX81

Madeleine McAndrews - Apple /// Talk

Adrian Franulovich @DigitalRampage - Amstrad NC100

@amagni will post more videos soon and I will link them in this thread.

The NEXT Show and Tell is set for SATURDAY The 18th of November


I’m posting the videos to this playlist, I’ve just uploaded number 5!


I have a few Windows DVD’s I wanna bring! I dont know about presenting though

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Show and tell us very laid back like a school Show & Tell from our childhoods! We suggest a 5-10 minute chat about the item- and explaining it. It can be shorter if you want :slight_smile:

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A reminder that Show & Tell is back on the 18th of November!

Get involved!

Ohh anyone want to see my collection of various games console copy machines ? Or I could demo my fmtowns… ?

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Yeah, FM Towns! Bring it in!

Just so you know its not a marty (the console one) its one of the later model beige boxes… but I can show the same games running on it.

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