ACMS required items / help

The ACMS is currently seeking the following items for the Museum in Croydon NSW. You can assist by reaching out if you have an item to donate or wish to sponsor a specific item. The ACMS has many agreements in place to obtain items at wholesale or at discounts so please reach out.

  • Benchtop dishwasher.
  • Australian designed/manufactured computing documentation and goods
  • Ladder/s
  • Sponsorship of various items.
  • Restoration assistance from technicians
  • White wall paint.
  • Video Conferencing equipment
  • Hikvision compatible IP Cameras
  • Volunteering help with remote cataloguing to support @SebastianB and his teams


  • Electrician services - Now supplied. Thank you @Thomas and @Ivan!
  • Refrigerator - Provided by @bort 23/10/21
  • Locks for toilet doors. - Provided by @bort
  • Pallet racking and boards - Funded by @SebastianB, @DigitalRampage and @hayman
  • Hikvision NVR - Unit supplied for repair by @DigitalRampage
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What size fridge do you want? And what is the electrician needed for?

Hey, we have only a hotel sized bar fridge at the moment, any larger refrigerator / freezer in our volunteers room to store drinks or volunteers lunch / food for events would be great.

We need some electrical work done by a licenced electrician for our new workshop and resolve a few small issues on locations of power-points for the displays when we open the main museum to the public.

I’ll take care of the fridge. I’ll get something decent off gumtree – great fridges come up every day for very little. I’ll let you know when I’ve got it.
If you can send me a proper scope of work for the electrical work that needs doing, I’ve got a young guy that I use that’s very cheap and very good, I could take him through and get him to quote.


No worries. Please do.
And thank you!

They come up reasonably often on Freecycle/Trash Nothing, too, and they’re free (duh!).

If I see anything, I’ll post here with the link.


Of any use: Printer on Freecycle?

Of any use? Fridge on FreeCycle

With the fridge, I’m going to get something decent and not too old that has at least a 3 star energy rating. We’ll really notice it in the electricity bills. I’ve got a few contenders at the moment but I’m just monitoring listings until something that exactly matches my criteria comes up. It’s not urgent anyway.


I’ve bought a fridge I’m picking up on Friday arvo down in Carlton (weather permitting). It’s a 341L Samsung with a 3.5 star energy rating. Looks very tidy in the pics and owner says it works perfectly but they’re leaving the country and need to get rid of it. Will be a very tight fit in the station wagon but I just measured and I ~think~ I’ll get it in.

Fridge sale is off! Idiot gumtree seller messaged me this morning and doubled the agreed upon price, claiming they put the wrong price on the ad. We literally discussed the price.

For our cataloguing, we will need to take pictures of our items. I believe a little set up with a whit background and good lighting will help in creating images of professional appearance. Can somebody assist me in finding a suitable set up for us. I think a pop up/foldable photo booth with build in lights would be ideal. I had a quick look but only found set ups that are too small to hold a desktop PC. Can you post and finds here?
To give you an idea, something like this, but ideally bigger:

Thanks for organising a Fridge! It is much appreciated.

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I may be able to help with videoconferencing equipment. In particular, a round-table camera/mic system. This is USB and plugs into Windows PC for use in Skype, Teams, etc. Put it in the centre of a table and see everyone. This is an older model, so the resolution may be a little lower than current tech.

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That would be great @DaveHawley - I have personally just invested in some new equipment too I intend to loan to the ACMS at various times to try and better the quality of the content we are sharing.