ACMS EBay Store

Apologies for Listing here, but it was the closest I could find, re relevance.

I received the ACMS September 2023 mailing list email, and under “Workshop - Saturday 2nd and 9th of September (Spring Cleaning Event)” mention is made of fundraising through the ACMS EBay Store.

Is this store up and running yet? I am more than happy to throw money at the ACMS for hardware they are looking to sell through their store but nothing comes up under ACMS.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what this store is called (Seller name) as the closest I could find was a Vintage Computer Museum Services EBay Store in the United States.

kind regards,
Cam from Canberra.

Hey Cam - the link to the ACMS eBay is
On the email about half way down- it’s called the ACMScharitystore


Please note - a lot of the items we have for sale are not on the store as yet as it’s time consuming and Murray is doing this alone currently