About the RetroChallenge 2021/10 category

Welcome to the RetroChallenge 2021/10 discussions for Team ACMS!

If you haven’t already, register for RetroChallenge 2021/10 – don’t forget to mark your entry as a Team ACMS one!

You can use this category to post your progress throughout October if you don’t have your own blog – or even if you do!

Start a topic for your entry and post your progress within that topic. Other questions, etc. can be handled via separate topics.

Let’s represent Aussie retro-enthusiasts and get some well earned hobby time under our belt – or work on ACMS projects if you have some you’ve not been able to get to.

Reach out to @europlus if you want any help or have any questions – and good luck!

Aaaaand we’re off - good luck everyone!

Can’t wait to see some great outcomes.