AXPBox on Mac OS X

Also, does the prebuilt binary work?
just chmod +x it and try it.

Im trying to review photo images recovered off tape - need the GUI to use the version of DECWrite utils I need to convert these weird files.

If all else fails, create a Linux VM and try to run it there.

Im not keen on running a vm in a vm.

I downloaded and ran it, however all of the same SDL X11 broken issues exist as before.

I know people have run the GUI on Mac OS, but I dont know if its the fact im on Monterey or what - but its annoying. Im trying to buy a PWS500 Alpha at the moment as it feels like it will be easier to restore an actual alpha!

With virtualisation for the Linux VM, it should be almost as fast.

Speed is not my concern, Ive been working between a PDP11/83, VAX4000 and PWS433 for months. Its all about not making life more difficult atm.

I really appreciate your help - Im sorry my current mental capacity wasnt conducive to getting this going or needing the level of help I did.

Well, if you have another, linux computer, like a raspberry pi, or a windows computer, then you could try on that.

really trying to keep it on my one workstation at the moment - I have the live raw disk file from an alpha I wanted to be able to work on so I could go from real to virtual and back easily

There is always scp or sshfs (sshfs lets you mount a remote computer over ssh)

The point is being able to manipulate the data recovery at home - we can not leave anything powered on at the museum ex security for the safety aspects due to the age of the equipment.

There is a free version of this I think.

Certainly does not seem to be free, but I have reached out to them if they are willing to offer the charity a free licence for educational purposes.

Wouldn’t an eval license be enough?

The eval is 30 days polled via network. As we have to recovery up to 1000 disc pack and tapes, 30 days isn’t going to assist unfortunately