Amiga + Commodore day - Aug 6th

Hi all,

We plan to celebrate the Amiga (and Commodore in general) on August the 6th.

If you have ideas about what to do on the day please let us know. This includes speakers, items, activities, etc.


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Machine Who has one?
KIM-1 – single-board computer (1976); was produced by a company Commodore later bought 6502-based computers David Murton
Commodore PET/CBM range (1977) 6502-based computers ACMS/Kerry Ritchens/Riley Perry
Commodore VIC-20 – a.k.a. VC-20 and VIC-1001 (1981 [VIC-1001] – 1984) (CBM); 6502-based computers Riley Perry
Commodore CBM-II range – a.k.a. B-range a.k.a. 600/700 range (1982–1984) 6502-based computers Riley Perry
Commodore MAX Machine – Predecessor to C64 (1982) 6502-based computers Jordan Baty
Commodore 64 – including C64C (1982–1994) 6502-based computers Riley Perry, etc
Commodore Educator 64 – 64 in a PET 40xx case (1983) 6502-based computers
Commodore SX-64 – all-in-one portable C64 including screen and disk drive (1984–1986) 6502-based computers Riley Perry
Commodore 16 – including C116, incompatible with C64 (1984) 6502-based computers Riley Perry (waiting) both 16 AND C116
Commodore Plus/4 – compatible with C16 (1984–1985) 6502-based computers Riley Perry
Commodore LCD – LCD-equipped laptop (never released) 6502-based computers
Commodore 128 – including 128D and 128DCR (1985–1989) 6502-based computers Riley Perry, not 128D/DCR though
Commodore 65 – C64 successor (never released) 6502-based computers
Commodore 900 workstation (never released) 6502-based computers
Amiga 1000 (1985–1987) Commodore Amiga range ACMS (Maybe RIley Perry)
Amiga 500 – incl. A500+ (1987–1991) Commodore Amiga range Riley Perry
Amiga 2000 – incl. A2000HD (1987–1991) Commodore Amiga range Riley Perry - just case
Amiga 2500 (1988–1991) Commodore Amiga range
Amiga 1500 (1987–1991) Commodore Amiga range
Commodore CDTV (1990) Commodore Amiga range
Amiga 3000 – incl. Amiga 3000UX & Amiga 3000T (1990–1992) Commodore Amiga range Riley Perry (as of the 25th)
Amiga 4000 – incl. A4000T (1992–1994) Commodore Amiga range
Amiga 600 (1992–1993) Commodore Amiga range
Amiga 1200 (1992–1994) then rereleased by Escom (1995–1996) Commodore Amiga range
Commodore PC compatible systems – Commodore Colt, PC1, PC10, PC20, PC30, PC40, …, (1987–1993) x86 PC compatibles Riley Perry - Colt, also PC-10
Commodore PC laptops – Commodore 286LT, 386SX-LT, 486SX-LTC, 486SX-LTF,( …–1993) Pentium 'P120i Ultramedia, P166i Ultramedia and the P200i Ultramedia(?.. / 1996–1997) x86 PC compatibles
Commodore TV Game 2000K/3000H (1975–1977) (IT page, 1st-gen home consoles list) Games consoles
Commodore MAX Machine – predecessor to C64 (1982) Games consoles
Commodore 64 Games System (1990) Games consoles
Amiga CD32 (1993) Games consoles Riley Perry
1000, 1024, 1070, 1080, 1081, 1083S, 1084, 1084S, 1084ST, 1085S, 1201, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 1407, 1428, 1428x, 1432D, 1432V, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1801, 1802, 1803, 1900M/DM602, 1901/75BM13/M1, 1902, 1902A, 1930, 1930-II, 1930-III, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1936ALR, 1940, 1942, 1950, 1960, 1962, 2002, A2024, 2080, 76M13, CM-141, DM-14, DM602[83][84][85] Monitors Riley Perry, etc
VIC 1520 plotter Printers
Commodore printer (don’t know designation yet) Printers Riley Perry
774D, 776M, 796M, 9R23, C108, C110, F4146R, F4902, MM3, Minuteman 6, P50, PR100, SR1800, SR4120D, SR4120R, SR4148D, SR4148R, SR4190R, SR4212, SR4912, SR4921RPN, SR5120D, SR5120R, SR5148D, SR5148R, SR5190R, SR59, SR7919, SR7949, SR9150R, SR9190R, US3, US8 and The Specialist series: M55 (The Mathematician), N60 (The Navigator), S61 (The Statistician).[82] Calculators Riley Perry x4 of them. Earliest one (202) from 1967. then the 512 - 1969
Typewrite Typewriters
>2000 Typewriters
Chessmate Handheld Game Riley Perry (waiting on)
TANGENTIAL but part of the story - Sirius 1 (Chuck Peddle) Computer Riley Perry
TANGENTIAL but part of the story - SYM-1. Clone of the KIM-1 Computer Riley Perry (waiting on)
TANGENTIAL KIM Uno - a 6502 KIM-1 Computer on Arduino Computer Riley Perry (waiting on)
OpalVision Card Aussie made Graphics card Riley Perry (waiting on)
Phoenix board Aussie made 1000 clone Geoff from SAUG

We’d like to have as many Commodore devices in one place at one time. It will look amazing!!! If you have something where “who has one” is empty please discuss here. So far we go back to 1967! Also, there’s plenty not on the list also, bring what you can. :slight_smile:


As for agenda, so far, we have myself, Ross from SAUG, Geoff’s amazing Phoenix machine, some game playing, the “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” demo and the machines themselves. If you’d like to speak about your experiences with Commodore please join in. We are still putting the agenda together.

Also we would love for you to buy some tickets. We are a charity and are self funded. I myself give over a substantial amount of money every month to pay the rent, as do other members and generous donors. Every dollar helps. The ticketing link is here:

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So at this stage I’ll bring up my 128D, A1000 Phoenix/pistorm combo, Empty A4000 PCB. I have a couple of CBM dot matrix printers, but their ribbons are dry. I assume you have most everything else :grinning:

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ok cool - sounds good. We’ve got a lot of gear so far. I’m waiting for about 10 packages to arrive next week, but they may not arrive on time, so closer to the day I might ask ppl to bring certain specific machines. I’ve even done bids on 3 Kim-1s on eBay so far. haha

You can easily renew ink ribbons with low-odour WD-40. We have some at west street

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Was a great day out on Saturday and was glad to learn many new things about the Commodore brand and journey. How about the NIXIE Calculator! Wild!!

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